YK11 belongs to a class of steroids known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators or SARMs which are renowned for providing the same muscle growth results similar to that of anabolic steroids but without any significant negative side effects.YK11 was introduced in the year 2011 by Yuichiro Kanno of Toho University who published the results of the initial study on YK11.Most of the people are now considering it to be a myostatin inhibitor.

This YK11 works by attaching itself to Androgen receptors and alters the specific muscle receptors thereby eliminating the conventional effects of steroids. Most of the SARMs have a small number of androgenic side effects and even lesser anabolic effects in comparison with testosterone.YK11 can produce the effects similar to that of testosterone.YK11 makes this possible by inducing muscle cells to produce more follistatin than DHT.

It is recommended to consume anywhere between 2 and 5mg of YK 11 twice every day. You should however always start with a low dose to assess the tolerance and then you have to build your way up the chain.YK11 is one of the newer SARMs in the market which is still in the research stage but it is showing great potential. YK 11 is found to have similar side effects as steroids but does not come with any of the unwanted side effects that steroids are famous for.

YK11 has a similar structure as that of steroids. It is derived from testosterone and can be classified as a synthetic steroid. It delivers the same results as that of several other androgen receptors. It comes with a steroid backbone and this goes on to explain its effectiveness and is thus classified to be one of the most potent SARMs. But the product is so well designed that it does not have any of the adverse side effects of steroids.

As already said, YK 11 works by attaching itself with an androgen receptor. This in turn helps muscle cells to produce more anabolic factors which in turn results in increased muscle growth. In a study that was conducted, it was found that muscle cells were effective in producing more anabolic compounds when it is exposed to 500nmol of this compound than if it is exposed to testosterone. The YK 11 compound helps in promoting muscle growth, muscle retention and is also effective in the growth of certain new muscle cells. This supplement is perfect for people who like to maintain a good quality of muscles and prevent fat cells.