Why the Beauty Industry Hates Men?

Beauty industry loves women and hate men. It has managed to lure women with many cosmetic products while it has not been able for the beauty industry to achieve the same results with men so far. As a result a large chunk of money for the beauty industry comes from the female population. Men do not like to buy the flower scented lotions, or try to keep track of the fact that which lotion should be applied after which cream. Gentle Man simply do not care much about their skin.

The beauty industry has set up splendour venues that cater to the needs of women. These venues no longer appeal to men in general. The beauty industry is designed for women and it still needs a long time to change according to the needs of men. Men’s minds do not work like that if females. Women look at a product and they will purchase if they like the packaging. The beauty industry understands this and has thus designed products whose packaging and advertising is designed keeping in mind the women’s mindsets.

Gentle Man are very much simple. Colourful jars of creams and flowery phrases on the creams and lotions does not attract them to use it. All they need to survive is a razor and some amount of shaving cream. Also while designing beauty products for men, people from the cosmetic should keep in mind the fact that men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women. Hence they should refrain from selling women’s skin products to men as it does not work. Also men’s skin is less sensitive and is able to handle stronger ingredients than women’s beauty products.

Men are not well represented in the beauty industry as of the current statistics. Also when men post photographs with make up on social media channels, all they are receiving are negative comments which in turn makes them to feel inferior and they stop using beauty products. The society has decided that only women should wear makeup and this trend prevails and is preventing men from using beauty products.

Many makeup brands like Maybelline, Tarte, Nyx , Stila etc are now largely taking to social media in order to promote men’s beauty products. It is also employing many male fashion bloggers in order to influence more men to try make up. In order to change the mindset, these companies have to involve more male models and should give more importance to men’s beauty products than that of the female.