Weslo Treadmill vs Gold’s Gym Treadmill

Modern sedentary lifestyle coupled with long working hours have taken a toll on the human body leading to several diseases. One of the ways to prevent them is to do regular exercise and work outs. For this reason many people join a gym where,under the guidance of a trainer they can perform exercises like running on the treadmill or lifting weights. But some people cannot join a gym for which there maybe a multitude of reasons ranging from lack of time or money to lack of interest. In such cases they can invest in buying gym equipments like treadmill. These can be easily installed at home and are quite useful as well. Let us have a look at the popular brands in the market and compare the same.

Over the years the two most favored brands of treadmills suitable for beginners are the Weslo Treadmill and the Gold’s Gym Treadmill.

Gold’s gym treadmill

Gold’s Gym is one of the popular brands to hit the market. The brand is popular because people would have heard of or visited Gold’s Gym which is located all over. The treadmill has eight in built work out programs to help the amateur users in burning calories. It is very simple to use and is absolutely noiseless even though cost wise it slightly on the higher side.

The console has buttons which can help users adjust the angle of inclination in order to subject themselves for more strenuous workouts. One can also customize them as per his or her requirements. It has been found that working out on a treadmill regularly eliminates the risk of cardio vascular diseases. The treadmill makers have provided a lifetime warranty on the product and 25 years for the motor running the treadmill. A major drawback is that the parts used are made of plastic,quite cheap and do not offer value for money.

Weslo Treadmills

The Weslo treadmill is easier to install,light in weight and is cheaper on the pocket. It has six built in work out plans and a thumb based heart rate detector which eliminates the need to hold handles as in the case of Gold’s Gym while performing workouts. It has an LCD display screen that provides accurate details about the speed,distance,time and the calories burnt.

However the Weslo treadmill has imposed a weight limit of 250 pounds making it a difficult choice for people who are heavy.The warranty period is just 90 days which is certainly a drawback.