Vacuum Cleaners Comparison

Finding the best vacuum cleaner from the hundreds available in the market is quite a tricky task. However it becomes easy if one is aware of his or her priorities. Vacuum cleaners basically make the job of cleaning homes easier. They have replaced the conventional mop and broom to a large extent. Vacuum cleaners are also used these days invariably in industries. Vacuum cleaners are of various types. Upright, canister, portable , hand held are some of the devices available. In houses with wall to wall carpets and pets, vacuuming is much more difficult as one has to choose a cleaner that is efficient in cleaning carpets and also can remove all traces of pet hairs, whiskers, fur and other debris.

While comparing vacuum cleaners, The first thing that comes into our mind are the ones  with bags and those that are bagless. Bagless vacuum cleaners do not cause a loss of suction even if the dust pan fills up. They can also aid in saving money. But they can send dust back into homes if one is not careful while cleaning them. The vacuum cleaners with sealable bags are considered quite effective for homes where there are allergy sufferers. Other conditions on the basis of which vacuum cleaners are tested are manoeuvrability, carpet cleaning, edge cleaning, hard floor cleaning, pet hair cleaning, stairs cleaning, noise, accessories etc.

Some of the best vacuum cleaners which have received great reviews and are considered by customers to be quite efficient are listed below.

  • Shark Rotator Lift Away NV 340 – This is a bagless , well built vacuum cleaner .It comes with numerous tools such as the telescopic crevice tool, a detailing attachment which is great at cleaning keyboards etc. It even has LED lights that switch on when cleaning under the furniture like under the sofas or under the beds. The main tool is itself sufficient even to clean upholstery as well.
  • Gtech AirRam Mk2 – This device is simply great and is also considered to be lighter than most of the upright vacs that are currently available in the market. It can help in drawing bigger dust particles on its forward stroke and more finer dust particles on its backstroke. It does not come with attachments but the single tool itself is so well designed that it can even make it easier to clean the hard to reach areas.
  • Shark DuoClean Lift – Away NV800UKT – It has a 850W motor and a bagless bin. A twin brushed floor head is able to clean all types of floors.