USB Photo Frame

USB photo frame or digital photo frame as it is better known has changed the way people look at photographs. These USB photo frames which were initially considered to be an object of luxury or novelty have come a long way since its invention. Now they are endowed with unique features and there is a growing competition among the USB photo frame manufacturers. They no longer burn a hole in your pocket. These frames have also emerged as one of the best gift options for people of all ages

A USB photo frame in its simplest form comprises of a LCD screen and has an inbuilt computer. The main function of these photo frames is the display of photographs in the form of a slide show. Each model has a different memory capacity which helps us in determining the number of photos that can be loaded into the device. While it is true that using a digital photo frame, one can view photos, some of the other functions can be also accomplished. These are

  • Some USB photo frames like EOOKE have inbuilt software which can automatically resize the photos for a best resolution. Lower resolution photos require less space. Hence in the course of this process you can get some space freed up to store more photos.
  • It is a good idea to use the slide show feature of USB photo frames always to display pictures. This way, the photos will remain intact for a long time.
  • A majority of the USB photo frames provide three methods for uploading photos into the frame. Thus photos can be uploaded using a memory card, USB Flash Drive or with the help of internal memory. But if you have a huge number of photos, it is a wise idea to store them in a USB drive or a memory card as they are better equipped for storage
  • While buying a USB photo frame, one should check if the device requires you to keep the USB device or memory card permanently attached to the frame. Some frames allow you to transfer photos to the internal memory before starting the show while others require that you keep the USB device attached at all times which is quite an expensive affair as you have to keep a USB device that is dedicated for the photo frame.
  • Some USB photo frames are designed to run only on AC power. While others have the option of running with the help of batteries. Some devices also have dual options. While using batteries all the time can get expensive, they come in handy when you want to take the digital picture frame to a new place where there is no access to AC power. Hence one should look through the specifications before venturing out to buy a USB photo frame.
  • Also find out about the cleaning specifications of a USB photo frame before purchasing it. Ideally one can use the same solutions that one uses to clean the LCD screens of other devices or laptop computers in the house.