Steps For Dog Dna Testing

Testing the Dog’s DNA can help- you in understanding your dog better by knowing about its ancestry and parentage. Once you have a new dog, it is a good idea to get its DNA tested. The dog dna test breed identification test results will also help in determining the identity in case a dog gets lost. If you happen to have a mixed breed dog and you are always worried about its ancestry, a DNA test can help you to figure it out better. A DNA paternity test can on the other hand help in identifying the parents of a dog.

In order to perform DNA testing for dogs, you should first start by asking your veterinary doctor about the appropriate laboratory where you can get the test done. Two of the reputed company brands for DNA testing are Wisdom Panel and DNA My Dog.DNA tests vary in cost and are largely dependent on laboratories. Also you should consider the price of the actual DNA test and the additional costs involved in transporting the DNA .If the price differences is small, you should consider the laboratories again.

There are different costs associated with different DNA tests in a lab. In case of a DNA parentage test, the lab will charge a fee per sample according to the number of samples that you need to get tested. In this case you should have access to your dog , the mother dog and even the father dog for that matter. There are also tests to check the DNA for an entire litter of dogs.

You should take care to ask the veterinarian to get a DNA profile tested for your dog. This profile is a great option to identify the DNA of a dog .It is also helpful in identifying the course of treatment if the dog suffers from a certain illness. You can also insert a microchip in the dog’s collar bones in order to identify it better