Self concept and personality growth in children with toys

It is a known concept nowadays that Children’s brains are influenced from a young age by the kind of toys that they play. Things that are introduced to you as a kid mould your self concept and this further helps in the growth of your personality. This fact can be understood by the psychological behaviour of the child in later stages of life.

In case the kid is given blocks to build at a young age, it will have an impact on his ability to develop logistics and creativity. On the other hand, if you give your child destructive equipment such as a permanent Black sharpie marker, you can see him or her drawing all over the walls of the house. This in turn enhances the artistic factor of a child. Also it can be seen as a destructive behaviour by some parents who happen to associate it with damaged home décor.

childrens toys play a crucial role in increasing the self concept of a kid. Through these toys, the child can develop an engineering mind set and if parents keep praising the child for every little thing that he has accomplished, his self concept will increase which is quite beneficial for the child when he grows up. Parents should actively take part in playing with a child. It is found that if a parent takes part in the child’s games, it will teach children the concepts of leadership, mentoring etc. at a young age.

It is found that kids toys given to them from the day they are born reflect the behaviour of the child in this world. This behaviour continues to remain the same until they die, unless the kid makes a conscious effort to change his behaviour. Also children’s books play a vital role in enhancing their brain development.