Cool math games are one of my favorite hunt-downs since grade-school. It has been my mission ever since to search these things on the net and show-up to school the next day with a smirk on my face, knowing that I could bamboozle my classmates with a few tricks in my sleeve. For most of us, dealing with math (and looking at complex solutions and endless numbers) is not a good place to be. Numbers and symbols never seem to connect, and math has been labeled as one of the villains in all levels of education since god-knows-when! But math is most important and it plays effective role to calculate the data when playing online games or betting games (Original source) when you have to deal with real money to play.

When it comes to searching for cool math games, the internet is a very good place to start digging. Reading off from math books is not a bad idea too, given that you know how to find the perfect references for what you are searching for. One of the cool math games I got in the net is called “mind reader”. The steps for this trick are very simple, yet it gives great results, especially if you really want to screw the minds of your audience.

With “mind reader”, you must instruct your audience to think of a single number (it doesn’t matter what number it is). From there, ask them to add the numbers that you will give them (and in a more advanced stage, you can progress to subtraction as well). Take note of total of the numbers that you’ve told them to add, and after you’re satisfied with the numbers you’ve added, ask them to subtract the original number that they were thinking, to the “total” that they now have. This will automatically give them the number that you have in your mind (I’m speaking of the numbers you’ve told them to add-up). From there, do every possible math process you can think of to the remaining value (just make sure that you don’t get lost or the trick will be useless). After tiring them a bit, finish off by saying the final number (which is the number left in your head after all the math processes). They will have no choice but to stand in awe, and wonder how on earth were you able to know the number that they too have in their heads! When I first used this, some of my schoolmates were so pulled-in that they even thought I have mental telepathy!

“Mind reader” is one of the more traditional forms of math games there is. Today’s math games have stepped-up, especially with the advent of modern technology. Cool math games of today’s generation are not only exclusively spoken or demonstrative in nature. Math busters are readily available in the form of “techie” applications as seen in various electronic media such as the computer and hand held devices. You can now download these applications online and enjoy the brain-bending feeling even if you are by yourself.

The use of cool math games, even when you’re just chilling around, is not just for the purpose of entertaining yourself during leisure time. It also serves as a very good mental exercise for all ages, something that may help save you from mental stagnation and early dementia. With that in mind, who would have thought Math, which you despised so much back then, could do wonders for you and your friends!?