Canada Express Entry Immigration Lawyer

Immigrant Visa Process:

Other country citizens who want to live permanently in foreign countries should obtain an immigrant visa which is the first step to become a legitimate permanent resident. Immigrating to other countries is not so easy and its a complex decision too. For this process immigrants need help of that country’s citizen as they need to provide them a sponsorship. Sponsor should quote the petition on immigrant to the immigration office of their respective countries in request of immigrant visa.

Visa Categories:

It was around 185 different types of visas are available but among them only two are considered to be major categories such as

  1. Non-immigrant Visa – This type of visa is temporary one. People will apply for non-immigrant visa if they visit foreign countries for tourism purpose , business related activities , visiting family members or relatives , completing graduation or else for working temporarily.

  1. Immigrant Visa – For people who wanted to immigrate to other foreign countries or else while working temporarily in foreign countries if they need of permanent residence, then they must apply for immigrant visa like Green card in US and if once they satisfy all their laws , they will be processed for issuing permanent resident card.

It was noted that at some cases we will get rejection of visas for entering foreign countries without producing any reason of rejection. Also some countries even forbidden the entry of few country people into their nation. Quoting petition and documents submission for verification looks like simple procedure, but people feel it as the most hectic process. Despite document verification, some countries have next round like face-to-face interview at their embassy office.

Immigration Interview:

Once the document verification is over, the next step will be facing an interview with an official from the Bureau of respective country Immigration services. To crack this interview one can get help of an experienced immigartion attorney as they know what kind of questions may officials ask at you.

In case of temporary visit to foreign countries, bureau officials check your purpose of visit, financial status, place where you will stay, how long you will stay etc., All countries check this criteria compulsorily that the person have visited any other foreign countries before and got any forbidden records over there.

Way to prepare for an immigration interview:

One should get prepare well about the interview with the help of an experienced immigraton lawyer. Dressing appropriately for the occasion is an important thing as first impression is the best imprssion. Sort all your documents in a proper way so that if officials ask any of your paper , can get it out easily without any struggle. Listening carefully to their queries and answering accordingly plays a vital role. Losing patience , arguing with them results seriously. Last is that never lie to officials as catch you easily if you are not genuine.